Stenberg Fine Art Photography is a web-based gallery with images by Henrik Stenberg.

Images in this gallery were created over a timespan of 25 years. Some images were captured on film, and others are digital captures. The images are often referred to as classic and timeless, powerful and with a sense of perfection and attention to detail.

More than 10 years of Henrik Stenbergs career was spent in New York, and some of the photographs from this period is included in the ‘New York’ category.

Portraits and people in motion is a core part of Henrik Stenbergs work. The ‘Dance’ category is a beautiful artistic serie of images taken over the years during work with ballet and modern dance. The images are often characterized by a closeness to the people in front of the camera, bringing out emotions, expressions and power in that split second, the image is created.

“Natives” is a category of images representing a range of unique images captured in 1995 with the native Tohono O’odham tribe. Henrik Stenberg visited this tribe several times over a period of a few month and developed a great interest in their lives and history. The series of The Natives honors the original native culture and values.

The vision of Stenberg Fine Art Photography is to bring timeless fragments of life onto our walls, and that the art and story of each image will touch us and remind us of the uniqueness of every moment in life.

Henrik Stenberg

Henrik Stenberg

Henrik Stenberg developed interest in photography at an early age. His father was a dedicated amateur photographer, and already then he was inspired and motivated by the work of his dad.

Henrik Stenberg completed his internship in photography with Leif Schiller, in Copenhagen 1987. Throughout his career, Henrik has worked both internationally and in Denmark, lived abroad the majority of his adult life and always travelled extensively. His work is continuously inspired by the power of movement and the beauty of light.